AI Rule Suggestion

Orderful has added AI Rule Suggestion to our Rules Editor. The AI can detect and offer Rules for the following problems:

  • Filter Unwanted Segment or Loop Instances: Easily remove unnecessary data segments or loop instances from the EDI message to ensure that only relevant information is processed.
  • Reorder Product ID/Qualifier Pairs: Automatically reorder product ID and qualifier pairs to match the required format, ensuring compliance with trading partner guidelines.
  • Convert Product ID Qualifier to Interchangeable Value: Seamlessly convert product ID qualifiers to their interchangeable values. For example, convert "SK" (Stock Keeping Unit) to "BP" (Buyer Part Number) when the guidelines do not accept "SK".
  • Date/Time Format Conversion: Convert date and time formats to meet specific requirements, such as changing "YY/MM/DD" to "YYMMDD".
  • Currency Correction: Automatically correct currency codes, such as changing "US" to "USD," to ensure accurate financial data exchange.
  • Country Code Correction: Adjust country codes to the correct format, such as converting "USA" to "US".
    Other Qualifiers Correction: Correct various qualifiers, including date/time qualifiers, to align with required standards.
  • General String Format: Apply Rules to format strings properly, such as trimming text that exceeds its maximum length to ensure compliance with field length restrictions.