Filtering by Reference Identifier

Customers who use the X12 format, or have a Trading Partner who uses it, can now filter Transactions by Reference Identifiers. Currently the only supported Reference Identifiers are:


X12 file upload enhancements

We have made improvements to X12 file uploads from the Transactions page:

New Communication Channel: Orderful-hosted SFTP

We’ve added inbound and outbound Orderful-hosted SFTP Communication Channels to the Communication Channels page.


AS2 improvements

We have made infrastructure changes to our AS2 backend that should result in your transaction delivery updates arriving more quickly.

New List Transactions API

We have added a new API endpoint that retrieves a list of transactions: GET /transactions/.

AS2 over HTTP

Previously, Orderful would only accept AS2 messages sent over HTTPS. We now also accept AS2 messages sent over HTTP to as long as the AS2 message is encrypted with an Orderful AS2 certificate.


VAN deliveries now synchronous

We made some infrastructure changes to speed up delivery for VAN Communication Channels. Transactions to new VAN communication channels are now delivered synchronously. This means you’ll be informed about transaction delivery updates more quickly.


Scenario Testing Improvements

We have made improvements to Scenario Testing with better visual cues about the status of your checklist, as well as more guidance in the UI. In situations where a transaction has been rejected, we have also added the ability to retry only one step of a Scenario Test checklist.


New Transaction Metrics Dashboard

We have added a Transaction Metrics Dashboard to the top of your organization's Transactions page. Here you can quickly see metrics about your Transaction acknowledgment status.


Transaction format consistency

Transactions now have a consistent payload structure across your Communication Channels and Orderful APIs.