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V3 Get Transactions endpoint change

Posted by developers 2 months ago

This change comes with a helping of humility. We're making a breaking change to an API endpoint. After some future planning we've realized a recently released endpoint could be made more future-proof with a small modification. The only reason it's acceptable to make a breaking change is that our operational analytics indicate that no one has integrated to the endpoint yet. There are occasional test requests but no production loads relying on it.

New feature: "Poller" Communication Channels

Posted by Jochem 5 months ago

We are excited to release another improvement to our platform: Poller communication channels!

Skip Scenario Testing

Posted by Jochem 5 months ago

Since releasing our Scenario Testing feature, we have received feedback from our customers that testing does not always take place in the Orderful platform. To solve for cases where you do not want to do any testing in Orderful, we have introduced functionality that allows you to skip testing any of your Scenario Checklists .

New feature: Communication Channel Testing

Posted by Amelie Roux 5 months ago

We're excited to launch a new feature in Orderful: Communication Channel Testing.


Notifications for Invalid Inbound Transactions

Posted by Jochem 6 months ago

In our latest release we’ve added notifications for invalid, inbound transactions. If you validate your inbound transactions against your own inbound guideline, you can now subscribe to be notified whenever you receive a transaction that does not meet your requirements.


Improved: Test and Live Communication Channels on Relationships

Posted by Amelie Roux 6 months ago

Today we improved the relationship configuration around Communication Channels.
On a relationship, you can now assign one Communication Channel for each transaction stream.


Improved: Delivery information on transactions

Posted by Amelie Roux 7 months ago

Today we improved our transaction sending functionality. For transactions sent over AS2, FTP/SFTP or VAN, we added delivery information on the transaction audit trail and on the transaction files.


Improved: Re-sending transactions

Posted by developers 9 months ago



Schema & Scenarios Fixes

Posted by developers 9 months ago



Testing Scenarios Added

Posted by developers 9 months ago