When using Web EDI, entering and re-entering contact details about you and the parties you trade with can be time-consuming and repetitive. While Orderful does a great job of re-using what we can from other transactions in the workflow, sometimes you'll need to enter these details yourself.

Starting today, you can save parties and addresses for reuse across Orderful Web EDI.

  1. When creating a new party on any web transaction, click the "Parties and Addresses" link at the top of the section.
  2. Choose an existing party or create a new one.
  3. When creating a new party, enter all the details you know about them and click "Save and Add."
  4. The party will now be saved, and the transaction party details will be auto-filled for you.
  5. You can re-use the same data next time you send a similar transaction.

855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements can now be set to "Accept without change" in your 855 Relationship settings. This feature makes responding to lengthy multi-line orders with a wide diversity of products easier to acknowledge.

If "Accept without change" is selected Orderful will:

  1. Pre-select an option to accept the 850 Purchase Order sent by your Trading Partner.
  2. Pre-select acceptance of each line on the order if your partner requires line-by-line acceptance.
  3. You still control sending the transaction manually and can manually change any individual product to adjust it if you are low on inventory or cannot fulfill the product as requested.

We now support creating, editing, and sending 856 EDI transactions from the web! An 856 Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) is the key step of many Retail Workflows. The ASN enables the sender to describe the contents and configuration of a shipment in various levels of detail.

  • You can manually process an 856 from any existing 850 Purchase order in the Orderful UI.
  • We auto-map elements from the 850 and pre-populate them in the 856 to speed up document creation.
  • Select from a variety of packing methods depending on how you ship.
  • An unpacked items feature that keeps track of what you've already packed so that you don't miss anything in your shipment.
  • We'll validate the 856 meets your trade partners' guidelines before you send it to them.
    Track the 856 to see if it is received by your trade partner.

Learn how to create and send an 856 Advance Ship notice from the web

Orderful is introducing basic roles for users: Admin and Viewer.

With this feature, you’ll have better security and control over users accessing your organization.

Existing users in Orderful will be auto-assigned an Admin role and will keep their existing permissions.

Users with the Viewer role can have access to some resources restricted, or can only have a limited subset of actions available on specific resources. For example Viewers:

  • Can’t access API credentials
  • Can filter, search and view relationships
  • Can view and download a specific Transaction

Admins can assign a different role to any users in their organization.

You can see the full list of permission here: Role Permissions