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Improved Filters

Posted by developers about 9 hours ago

Filter settings on Transactions, Relationships, and Guidelines are now automatically persisted and restored locally. You can now use other Orderful features knowing that your filters will still be the...

Improved Turnaround Rule

Posted by developers 14 days ago

We've improved the Turnaround rule writing experience. By pulling in your reference Transaction and displaying them side-by-side with your currently selected segments, you can now visually select the ...

New Feature: Inbound Guideline Validation

Posted by developers about a month ago

In order to provide you and your system with the most accurate data, we introduced a new optional validation step to our platform. Now, you’re able to add an “inbound guideline” to your account. This ...

New Features: Syntax Notes & X12 Defaults

Posted by developers about a month ago

We've got a really exciting new feature to announce – support for X12 relational conditions, i.e. Syntax Notes! Under the X12 specification, whether or not a certain data element should be sent as pa...

New Feature: Guideline PDF Upload

Posted by developers 2 months ago

We've got a new feature to announce today – the ability to upload a PDF of your guidelines, accessible by both your organization and your trading partners. We've been working hard here at Orderful on...

Guideline Structure Editor Polish

Posted by developers 3 months ago

We've made several changes to the editor used to create or edit Guidelines to make things clearer and easier to use: * When creating a new guideline, if the selected transaction type already has a...

New Feature: Viewing Trading Partner Guidelines

Posted by developers 3 months ago

We've made some improvements to viewing and editing an invalid Transaction for your experience. If a Transaction is invalid because it doesn't meet your trading partner's guidelines, you can now acces...

New Feature: Webhooks

Posted by developers 3 months ago

We're excited to announce support for Webhook destinations. Webhooks will allow us to push Transactions directly to your endpoint when they are received in Orderful.

New Feature: Guideline variants

Posted by developers 3 months ago

Orderful now supports multiple Guideline variants to help you complete guidelines for complex transactions such as an 856.

New Feature: Guideline Structure Editor

Posted by developers 3 months ago

We've added a new way to create and customize your guidelines using the Guideline Structure Editor. Say goodbye to marking entire loops and segments as not used to remove them from your guideline, and...