Automated Onboarding

We have made improvements to setting up a new Partnership as a Follower.

When you submit a Trade Request as a Follower, Orderful now allows you to look up your Leader within the Orderful network. Your Leader Trading Partner will be available for look up if they have default requirements configured in the Orderful network.

After creating the Trade Request, Orderful will guide you to the list of available default requirements that are digitized on the Orderful network for the partner you want to trade with:

  • EDI information
  • Guidelines
  • Communication Channels

You can then confirm whether you'd like to reuse the default requirements or not.

If you confirm you want to reuse all requirements, Orderful will automatically accept the Trade Request and redirect you to your new Relationships. The Relationships will be ready for you to configure and test.

If you choose to use different requirements or not all requirements are available on the Orderful network, Orderful will guide you to fill out the missing requirements on the onboarding form.
Once you submit the onboarding form, Orderful will auto-accept Trade Requests and auto-configure Relationships to the extent possible based on the information we have.