Delivery API

We’re improving how we’re capturing delivery updates.

How it works

Orderful now has two new dedicated endpoints to approve or fail a specific Transaction delivery to an HTTP or Poller Communication Channel.

JSON transactions delivered to these Communication Channels will include additional links to new endpoints that get, approve or fail a Delivery:

When using Poller Communication Channels, approving or failing a Delivery with the new endpoints will also automatically remove the Transaction from the Polling Bucket.

Why we made this change

Previously, Transaction delivery would be confirmed for every Transaction. This could create confusion when a Transaction was sent multiple times. Deliveries are now their own dedicated objects in our API that can be individually marked as "Approved" or "Failed".

Although the links are only included for HTTP and Poller Communication Channels, this will improve the delivery audit trail on all Communication Channels by making the failure or approval of a delivery of each transaction a distinct event.

In the future, this improvement will allow Orderful to better detect Communication Channel outages.