Filtering by Reference Identifier

Customers who use the X12 format, or have a Trading Partner who uses it, can now filter Transactions by Reference Identifiers. Currently the only supported Reference Identifiers are:

  • Interchange Control Number
  • Functional Group Control Number
  • Transaction Set Control Number

You can access these filters in 3 different ways:

  1. The Transactions page now contains columns for each of these numbers.
  2. Additionally, if you click on Filters icon you will see the new "Reference Identifiers" filters at the bottom of the Filters dialogue:
  1. The List Transactions API has also been updated with the following query parameters:
  • referenceIdentifier
  • senderInterchangeReferenceIdentifier
  • senderGroupReferenceIdentifiersender
  • transactionReferenceIdentifier
  • receiverInterchangeReferenceIdentifier
  • receiverGroupReferenceIdentifier
  • receiverTransactionReferenceIdentifier

The referenceIdentifier has been added to our JSON Transaction payload:

"referenceIdentifiers": [
    "value": "000000352",
    "type": "INTERCHANGE",
    "owner": "RECEIVER"
    "value": "352",
    "type": "GROUP",
    "owner": "RECEIVER"
    "value": "0001",
    "type": "TRANSACTION",
    "owner": "RECEIVER"