Improvements for AS2 communication channels

Release Date: 2022-06-14

We have made improvements to AS2 communication channels.

Inbound and Outbound Connections

On the Communication Channels page, we’ve added a column to represent the connection between Inbound and Outbound Communication Channels to help you understand which AS2 information you’ll need from your AS2 server and/or the Orderful AS2 server to send or receive transactions. We implemented this improvement because the AS2 protocol requires information from both the sender and receiver AS2 servers, meaning you need information from both the Inbound and Outbound Communication Channels.

Side panel improvements

We redesigned the side panel to include more information:

  • Inbound AS2 Communication Channels: The side panel describes the requirements Orderful will use to deliver transactions to your AS2 server.
  • Outbound AS2 Communication Channels: The side panel describes the requirements Orderful can support when receiving transactions from your AS2 server.

Infrastructure improvements

We made some infrastructure changes as well to Increase security and speed up delivery. Each new AS2 communication channel you create will be assigned a unique Orderful AS2 ID and AS2 certificate. Additionally, delivering transactions to new AS2 communication channels now happens synchronously. That means you’ll be informed about transaction delivery updates more quickly.


These infrastructure changes only apply to AS2 communication channels you’ll create going forward. If you have been using AS2 communication channels before this release, we’ll keep delivering and receiving transactions as we have. Your existing AS2 communication channels will be identified with a V1 tag on the communication channel page.