Save and re-use Parties and Addresses with Web EDI

When using Web EDI, entering and re-entering contact details about you and the parties you trade with can be time-consuming and repetitive. While Orderful does a great job of re-using what we can from other transactions in the workflow, sometimes you'll need to enter these details yourself.

Starting today, you can save parties and addresses for reuse across Orderful Web EDI.

  1. When creating a new party on any web transaction, click the "Parties and Addresses" link at the top of the section.
  2. Choose an existing party or create a new one.
  3. When creating a new party, enter all the details you know about them and click "Save and Add."
  4. The party will now be saved, and the transaction party details will be auto-filled for you.
  5. You can re-use the same data next time you send a similar transaction.