Web EDI Fulfillment carton and pallet label generation

For some time now, Orderful has supported label generation via API. We have an extensive catalog of retailer labels (both carton and pallet) that are vetted and compatible with the unique needs of the buyer.

We now offer label generation for web users who also use Orderful to create the Advance Ship Notice (856) they send to their trade partners. Once you build a shipment and pack all your inventory into unique cartons and pallets in the Orderful UI, you’ll be given the option to generate labels for your shipment.

Under the hood, Orderful will look at your shipment and decide how many labels, in which format, and what retailer structure you’ll need. We’ll generate a .zpl file to download with your labels so you can send them to a pack station or warehouse.

SSCC Barcode Generation: Generating a unique barcode for every carton or pallet can be a pain, so we’ve automated this process for you. In your EDI account settings, give us some details about your GS1 company number, and we can generate a unique SSCC barcode for every label on your behalf. The same 20-digit code that is on your label will also be added to your 856 Advance Ship Notice that is sent to your trade partner.