Support for X12 floating segments

You can now send X12 documents with floating segments. Previously Orderful would not process X12 documents if it detected floating segments.


Test Outbound FTP Connection

We have added the ability to test your Outbound Self-hosted FTP/SFTP Communication Channels. You can find the Test Connection button in your Communication Channel's information panel:


Navigation menu can be collapsed

You can now collapse the navigation menu by clicking on Minimize Sidebar on the bottom left of the Orderful UI.


Navigation menu refresh

We made some improvements to the navigation menu:


Advanced settings for AS2 Communication Channels

When creating or editing an AS2 Communication Channel, you can now configure advanced settings:


Self-hosted FTP/SFTP

We’ve added Inbound and Outbound Self-hosted SFTP Communication Channels to the Communication Channels page.


Updated Functional Acknowledgment behavior

Orderful is now generating Functional Acknowledgements per Functional Group based on the acknowledgment status of each Transaction. This change allows us to better handle some rare edge cases:


Filtering by Reference Identifier

Customers who use the X12 format, or have a Trading Partner who uses it, can now filter Transactions by Reference Identifiers. Currently the only supported Reference Identifiers are:


X12 file upload enhancements

We have made improvements to X12 file uploads from the Transactions page:

New Communication Channel: Orderful-hosted SFTP

We’ve added inbound and outbound Orderful-hosted SFTP Communication Channels to the Communication Channels page.