Attachments are used to list related attachments to a transaction. In Orderful we consider a 997 and the raw data from a trading partner as an attachment. With this endpoint you can download the attachments to a transaction.

Attachments will be listed when you run a GET on the /v3/Transactions endpoint

//the response of the transaction endpoint
"attachments": [
            "description": "Original X12",
            "url": ""

By running the /attachment endpoint, you will get a list of content.

//response of the attachment endpoint
    "id": "26748130",
    "format": "x12",
    "content": "",
    "description": "Original X12",
    "sizeInBytes": 257

By running the /content endpoint, you will receive the raw data of the attachment.

//response of the content endpoint

ISA*00*          *00*          *12*4342930615     *ZZ*892408234      *201203*1031*U*00401*000000230*0*P*>~GS*IN*4342930615*892408234*20201203*1031*230*X*004010~ST*810*ST02~BIG*20191123*INV-234587~IT1**2*CA~CTT*00***LB~SE*5*ST02~GE*1*230~IEA*1*000000230~

Types of attachments:




The acknowledgment received by a trading partner.


The original X12 file from the trading partner.