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Improved Sign-Up Flow

Posted by developers 9 months ago

We've made the sign-up process with Orderful easier than ever. After your email has been verified, you can either create a new organization or join an existing one.

Guideline Versioning

Posted by developers 9 months ago

Guidelines now support select X12 versions in addition to the Orderful schema. This will speed up data entry as the guideline layout should map directly to the EDI specifications of a trading partner....

Transaction Print View

Posted by developers 10 months ago

Introducing the Transaction Print View! Now you can see select transaction types in a familiar format that's easier to read than JSON (for most). To see the print view, go to a Purchase Order, Purcha...

Smart Rules

Posted by developers 10 months ago

Our rules engine has functions to manipulate almost anything – modify text, calculate numbers, use conditional logic, or execute other data changes. But for some truly complex, yet common tasks, that ...

User Defined Values

Posted by developers 10 months ago

Orderful transaction schemas contain everything needed to capture X12 EDI data. However sometimes you might want to add your own loosely-formatted data to a transaction and then manipulate it later. ...

EDI Dashboard Launch

Posted by developers 11 months ago

While the transaction list view in the Orderful UI is a great place to see all your transactions at a glance sometimes some graphical sizzle makes it even easier to know your EDI transactions are flow...

Web Forms Launch

Posted by developers 12 months ago

We're proud to announce the launch of our new web form feature. Now you can create a new transaction directly in the UI. Whether you want to use it to try out Orderful before you integrate your ERP or...

New Rules Function

Posted by developers about a year ago

Money isn't everything but it's important. It's worth making sure it's right. So we're introducing the first of a series of decimal/currency based functions to help format currency values.

New Transaction Types

Posted by developers about a year ago

New year, new documents to trade. Today we're happy to launch support for the following new transaction types: 180 Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification 290 Cooperative Advertising Ag...

Turn around rule support

Posted by Piers MacDonald about a year ago

When entering EDI data into your system of record (ERP, TMS etc) sometimes there's not a place for all data in a transaction. This might be fine for your use but sometimes your trading partner is expe...