Role Permissions

Create Organization
Read Organization
Update Organization (name, timezone, logo)
Delete Organization
Switch Organization
EDI Accounts
Create EDI Account
Read EDI Account
Update EDI Account
Delete EDI Account
Create API Key
Read API Key
Update API Key
Delete API Key
Regenerate API Key
Read Billing information
Invite Users
Read Users
Update Users (Not your own profile)
Delete Users
Assign basic role Users
User details
Read Your own User profile (name)
Update Your own User profile (name)
User security
Reset Your own User password
User notifications
Subscribe to User Notifications
Unsubscribe from User Notifications
Communication Channels
Create Communication Channels
Read Communication Channels
Update Communication Channels
Delete Communication Channels
Send a Test Communication Channels
Test Connection Communication Channels
Activate Communication Channels
Deactivate Communication Channels
Set as default Communication Channels
Create Guidelines
Read Guidelines
Update Guidelines
Delete Guidelines
Publish Guidelines
Archive Guidelines
Copy to new draft Guidelines
Set as default Guidelines
Remove default Guidelines
Create Scenarios
Read Scenarios
Update Scenarios
Delete Scenarios See Archive
Publish Scenarios
Archive Scenarios
Copy Scenarios
Set as default Scenarios
Remove default Scenarios
Integration Assistance
Use Integration Assistance
Trade requests
Create Trade requests
Read Trade requests
Update Trade requests
Delete Trade requests
Resend Trade requests invite
Cancel Trade requests
Accept Trade requests
Reject Trade requests
Create Onboarding form Automated via accepted Trade Request
Read Onboarding form Public
Update Onboarding form (not submitted) Public
Submit Onboarding form (not submitted) Public
Create Relationships Automated via accepted Trade Request
Read Relationships
Update Relationships
Delete Relationships
Activate Relationships
Deactivate Relationships
Update status Relationships
Filter/Search Relationships
Scenario Checklists
Create Scenario Checklists Automated via accepted Trade Request
Read Scenario Checklists
Manage Scenario Checklists (Change Request)
Update Scenario Checklists
Delete Scenario Checklists See Archive
Welcome page
Read Welcome page
Create Transactions Manually
Upload Transactions
Read Transactions (Data and Print View)
Update Transactions
Delete Transactions
Download Transactions
Copy to Test Transactions
Read Transactions Audit Trail
Verify Transactions Audit Trail
Read Transactions Attachments
Download Transactions Attachments
Copy Transactions Attachments
Send Transactions
Resend Transactions
Reprocess Transactions
Forward Transactions
Link Transactions to checklist step
Acknowledge Transactions
Switch Transactions data format
Search Transactions payload
Copy Transactions payload
Print Transaction
Read Transaction workflow
Read Transaction validation errors
Read Transaction empty fields
Transactions List View
Read Transaction List View dashboard
Filter Transaction List View
Export Transaction List View
Send in bulk Transaction List View
Resend in bulk Transaction List View
Reprocess in bulk Transaction List View
Create Rules
Read Rules
Update Rules
Delete Rules
Copy Rules
Create Lookup tables
Read Lookup tables
Update Lookup tables
Upload Lookup tables values
Delete Lookup tables