About Orderful

1.1 What is Orderful?

Orderful is an EDI platform that allows businesses to trade business data. The platform provides a scalable, self-service EDI onboarding experience that you and your supply chain can use to connect, test, and trade EDI data.

1.1.1 What can you do with Orderful?

Currently, trading with EDI partners is a time-intensive process that requires multiple custom integrations to be built. Onboarding and testing requires large technical teams to work over many months.

With Orderful you can define EDI Guidelines, test against them, then start trading data with your Trading Partners with a single platform. Both inbound and outbound data can be validated and transformed using our Rules Engine. Data can then be transmitted to and from Orderful via a REST API, HTTP polling, AS2 and more. Data is validated immediately and issues can be raised and resolved in real time.

1.1.2. Who should use Orderful?

Orderful can help any business that exchanges EDI data. All of those individual connections between Trading Partners and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be replaced with a single connection to the Orderful platform.