Inbound AS2

Orderful can be configured to POST transactions from Orderful to your AS2 server.

Set up an Inbound AS2
  1. Navigate to your Communication Channels settings.
  2. Click Create New and select AS2 in the "Create Inbound Channel" section.
  3. Enter in a descriptive Name.
  4. Enter your AS2 ID.
  5. Enter your AS2 URL (Include the port and path in the URL).
  6. Upload your AS2 certificate in .cer format.


Advanced Settings

We have additional information for companies using specific AS2 software and frameworks. To see if you need to configure any of our Advanced Settings please see here:

  1. Press “Create”.
  2. Click on the inbound AS2 Communication Channel you just created. This will open a side panel.
  3. Use the channel's details to complete the configuration on your end of the connection.
Test your Inbound AS2
  1. Select the AS2 Communication Channel that you just created.

  2. Click on Send a test. This will bring up a modal where you can select a prepopulated test file to send, or upload your own test file.

  3. Your test summary will appear in the side panel for your Communication Channel.
    This section includes:

  • The delivery status of the test file: Pending, Delivered, Failed or Timed-out.
  • The test file that was sent, which can be downloaded by clicking on the filename.
  • The MDN response that was received, which can be downloaded by clicking on the filename.
  • An expandable log containing a record of what occurred during the test.