Fix an Invalid Transaction

If an Outbound Transaction has an "Invalid" Validation status, you can fix it in one of two ways:

  1. Use the Orderful Rules Engine
  2. Make changes to your connector

In general, the Rules Engine should only be used for minor data modifications, and everything else should be done in the connector.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine was designed and is best suited for minor changes to transaction data.

Examples of when to use the Rules Engine:

  • Date/Time format changes
    • Example: The date needs to be changed from YYYY/MM/DD to DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Setting hard coded values
    • Example: The vendor number needs to be set to 78960.
  • Simple conditional logic
    • Example: If sender ISA is 90876, set Vendor number to 12345.
  • Replacing values in the transaction
    • Example: Replacing vendor part number qualifier from VN to VP as per specifications.

For more information about the Rules Engine, including examples, please see our document about how to Use the Rules Engine.


Generally, your connector is better suited for more complex logic. It is more likely to have logging, versioning, and the ability to make advanced changes to the transaction.

Examples of when to make changes to the connector:

  • Turning data around from an inbound document
    • Example: Getting the buyer part number from the purchase order into your invoice.
  • Complicated changes that require multiple functions
    • Example: If you have to split a string with commas and then uppercase the words.
  • Any changes on looping elements
    • Example: Some Trading Partners require only a Bill To address while others require Bill To, Ship To, and Ship From.
  • Creating new segments
    • Example: If a Trading Partner requires a Summary segment and you are not sending it through the connector today, then this change must be in the connector.
  • Structure of the document
    • Example: One Trading Partner requires 856 Advance Ship Notice documents to have an SI structure while another will requires an SOI structure.