Search Relationships

The Relationships page offers multiple options to filter and search your Relationships. You can:

  • Use one or more filters
  • Enter one or more keywords in the search bar
  • Sort a particular column in ascending or descending order

Search Relationships with keywords

You can search for keywords in the Relationships using the search bar in the upper right of the page. For example:

  • You could search for a particular document type, like 850
  • You could search by transaction type name, like purchase
  • You could search for a particular status, like test

Sort Relationships by column

To sort a particular column, click on the column title, for example "Partner EDI Account". Click once to sort the column in ascending order (A->Z), an upward arrow will display. Click again to sort in descending order (Z->A), a downward arrow will display.

Filter Relationships

Filters are selected along the top of the page.

You can filter by:

  • Transaction Type: Select the three-digit X12 code of your transaction type.
  • Direction: Select whether you'd like to see Incoming (you receive) or Outgoing (you send) Relationships.
  • Your EDI Account/ISA ID: Select one or more EDI Accounts you're using.
  • Partner EDI Account: Select one or more EDI accounts your partner is using among all relationships.
  • Status: Select one or more Relationship statuses, like "Setup" or "Pending".
  • Partner Org: Select one or more partner Org names.