Common EDI Workflows

The most common EDI data transmitted, per industry vertical.


Vendors of goods or services receive Purchase Orders, and fulfill them either via Direct to Customer (D2C) or Business to Business (B2B) practices.

850 - Purchase Order

Orders specific goods from a vendor, with individual line items indicated in the document.

855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of the Purchase Order back to the buyer, confirming which line items will be fulfilled or otherwise the status of the order.

860 - Purchase Order Change Request

Request to the vendor to make a change to the Purchase Order indicated. Common scenarios include modifying or removing line items from the existing order. The Vendor will receive the transaction and make changes on the existing Purchase Order.

856 - Advanced Shipment Notice

Notification back to the buyer that the items that were fulfilled were shipped. Will include tracking number, line item information, and the shipment carrier information.

810 - Invoice

Notification back to the buyer with invoicing information. Specifically containing Remit To information, payment terms, total invoice price, and often individual line item information.


When Vendors fulfill orders, the specific item or items that were fulfilled need to be shipped to their end destination. In order to make this happen, a shipment carrier will work with either the vendor or a shipment broker to ensure the shipment reaches its destination successfully.

204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender

A request to have a specific shipment delivered to a set destination.

990 - Response to a Load Tender

Used by a shipment carrier to indicate whether or not the shipment request was accepted or fulfilled.

214 - Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

A message sent by the shipment carrier or broker to indicate the status of the current shipment. Typically, this is used to mark if the shipment is in transit or delivered.

210 - Transportation Freight Invoice

Notification back to the shipment requester with invoicing information. Specifically containing Remit To information, payment terms, and total invoice price.