Understand the ISA ID and Qualifier

What are ISA IDs and Qualifiers? 

Similar to "To" and "From" address labels on a piece of mail, the ISA ID identifies the sender or receiver of a transaction. Each transaction contains an ISA ID for the sender and another one for the receiver. Each of these IDs has an associated Qualifier which provides additional information about it. Together, the ISA ID and Qualifier uniquely identify a Trading Partner.

For example:

ISA*00* *00* *12*4155559874 *ZZ*ODFL001AMAZON

Here the sender's ID and Qualifier is *12*4155559874 and the receiver's ID and Qualifier is *ZZ*ODFL001AMAZON.


Orderful recommends the following format for ISA IDs:


ODFL - Short for Orderful
T - (Optional) Add this if this is a test ISA ID 
001 - Indicates the number of this ID. This is helpful if you have multiple ISA IDs. 
COMPANY NAME - a shortened version of your company's name

For example:


The Qualifier indicates which type of ISA ID you are using. There are more than 30 qualifier types but these three are the most common. 

Qualifier ZZ — Mutually defined identifier
Qualifier 01 — DUNS number — (Dun & Bradstreet’s master Data Universal Numbering System)
Qualifier 12 — Telephone number

Where can I find my ISA ID and Qualifier Information in Orderful? 

Your ISA ID and Qualifier information can be found in your EDI Accounts settings page. When you first join Orderful, we create your ISA ID and Qualifier for you.