Getting started with Orderful

Before proceeding you should familiarize yourself with these two pages. They contain important information for all Orderful users:


EDI 101 Training

If you need a refresher on X12 and related concepts, you can check out our EDI 101 training.

Depending on whether you are a Leader or a Follower in Orderful, you should follow one of two documentation streams to get onboarded.

In Orderful, an entity that exchanges EDI data with another entity is known as a "Trading Partner". The Trading Partner that defines EDI Guidelines is known as a “Leader”. A Trading Partner that follows EDI Guidelines is known as a “Follower”. This label is always relative, which means that a company can be a Follower relative to one Trading Partner and a Leader relative to another.



If you have any questions related to security, or if you have any concerns or need to report a security issue, please send an email to [email protected].