X12 Qualifiers

Some Elements in X12 should be read together to make sense. One example is Qualifier and Value element pairs.

A Qualifier is a short reference describing a value next to it. Qualifiers are defined by the X12 specifications.


  • DP*210: The DP Qualifier indicates that 210 is the "Department Number".
  • 002*20200910: The 002Qualifier indicates that 20200910 is the "Delivery Requested" date.
  • 010*20200905: The 010Qualifier indicates that 20200905 is the "Shipment Requested" date.
  • BT*ODF BUYER HQ: The BT Qualifier indicates that ODF BUYER HQ is the "Bill To Party".
  • ST*ODF BUYER MAIN STORE: The ST Qualifier indicates that ODF BUYER MAIN STORE is the "Ship To Party".