EDI Processing

The following is an overview of the EDI processing steps that take place on your side, your partner's side, and within Orderful.

Sender (Using Orderful) Receiver (Using Legacy EDI Solution)
Step occuring outside of Orderful
Step occuring inside Orderful
1. Extract business information from backend
2. Create a JSON transaction from business information
3. Send the JSON transaction to Orderful via API
4. Auto-validate transaction + Auto-convert to X12
5. Auto-send the X12 file over a protocol (FTP/VAN/AS2)
6. Receive X12 file over protocol (FTP/VAN/AS2) and return delivery confirmation specific to that protocol.
7. Use a mapping tool as required for the backend.
8. Create records in backend.
9. Send back a functional acknowledgment (997).
10. Auto-update transaction acknowledgment status.