Outbound FTP and SFTP

To connect via FTP/SFTP, you can choose between:

  • Orderful-hosted SFTP: Orderful creates, hosts and manages the SFTP server.
  • Self-hosted FTP/SFTP: You create, host and manage the FTP/SFTP server.

You can create Orderful-hosted SFTP communication channels in the UI:

  1. Go to your Communication Channels settings.
  2. Click on Create New and select SFTP in the “Create Outbound Channel” section.
  3. For “Type” of communication channel choose Orderful-hosted then click Next.
  4. Enter in a descriptive Name.
  5. Under the “FTP/SFTP Configuration Details” section, enter the protocol, host, port and path Orderful must use to connect to your server.
  6. Under the “User Credentials” section, enter the username and password Orderful must use to authenticate to your server.
  7. Under the “Download Requirements for Orderful” section, define which files to download and what to do after downloading files from your server.
  8. Press Create.
  9. After the Communication Channel is created a side panel opens up with the summary of your server connection details.


Outbound Communication Channels are inactive when created, meaning Orderful isn’t polling files from your server. When you’ve configured your relationships, don’t forget to activate your Communication Channel to start polling and creating transactions in Orderful.